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Recurrent Vaginal Yeast Infections

A while back, I started suffering from recurrent vaginal yeast infections. Whenever I got a yeast infection, my stomach hurt. I also experienced pain during urination. Tired of feeling bad all of the time, I scheduled an appointment with my trusted physician. This medical professional recommended I make some positive lifestyle changes. For instance, my caring doctor told me to begin wearing cotton underwear, drinking lactose free milk, and eating yogurt. My physician also recommended I take a probiotic every day. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most common, effective treatments for chronic medical issues.

Three Steps To Hiding Discoloration During Varicose Vein Treatment

21 November 2017
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Varicose veins in the legs can be an unsightly issue to deal with. These veins can make your legs or arms look much older than your actual age. If you are getting treatments for your varicose vein, it may be a while before the vein appearance begins to lessen. If you wish to hide the discoloration of your varicose veins while you are getting treatment, there are some topical things that you can do to make sure the veins look better. Read More …

What You Can Expect With The DOT Physical

8 November 2017
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The Department of Transportation requires certain commercial drivers to take a physical to ensure that they are in top medical form in order to perform their jobs. If you are employed by a company that requires you to follow the DOT procedures in safely operating a truck or motor vehicle, then you should know that the physical in question follows strict guidelines. Here is what you can expect if you have to take the DOT physical. Read More …

Ways To Alleviate Bloating On Your Own

17 October 2017
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Bloating is a highly unpleasant phenomenon that can occur for a long list of reasons. If you're constantly noticing that you're bloated, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment with your family doctor, who can talk to you about some of the potential causes of this issue and help you to move forward. When bloating occurs, you want to ideally take steps to alleviate it on your own. In many cases, the following simple steps can reduce some of your abdominal discomfort and make you feel a little better. Read More …

Use These Strategies To Avoid Getting An Erection During A Medical Checkup

9 September 2017
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Whether you're 14 or 44, visiting the family doctor for a medical checkup can feel a little intimidating. The most concerning part of the checkup for many men is the point at which it's necessary to remove the underwear in front of the doctor. It's easy to get so worked up about this type of nudity that you get an erection. You've probably had this fear in the days leading up to the appointment, perhaps to the point that you're highly worried about this unfortunate event occurring. Read More …

Reasons To Let Your Child See The Family Doctor Alone

9 September 2017
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When your child is young, you likely accompany him or her to every doctor's appointment. As the child ages, however, you'll need to think about stepping back a little. While you may still wish to drive the child to the medical clinic, it may soon be time to sit in the waiting room while your child sees the family doctor. There's no perfect age to make this change; many factors, including the reason that you're taking your child to the doctor and even the child's maturity level, can influence when it's time to step back. Read More …