Three Steps To Hiding Discoloration During Varicose Vein Treatment

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Three Steps To Hiding Discoloration During Varicose Vein Treatment

21 November 2017
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Varicose veins in the legs can be an unsightly issue to deal with. These veins can make your legs or arms look much older than your actual age. If you are getting treatments for your varicose vein, it may be a while before the vein appearance begins to lessen. If you wish to hide the discoloration of your varicose veins while you are getting treatment, there are some topical things that you can do to make sure the veins look better. Here are three ways to hide the look of the veins as you are waiting for them to medically decrease.

Use as skin plumping lotion

One of the best ways to topically deal with varicose veins is to use a skin plumping lotion. Since the veins sit under the skin, increasing the plump appearance of your skin will diminish the look of the veins. A lotion with an active collagen ingredient will aid in increasing the appearance of youthful and thicker skin. These can be used as often as your normal lotion. Apply the lotion twice a day after a shower or prior to going out so that the effects of your lotion last. 

Mix foundation with your lotion

If you have a lotion that you apply to your body on a regular basis, you should mix this lotion with a foundation. The best type of foundation to mix with the lotion is loose powder foundation. Powder foundation will merge with the lotion and not change the liquid's consistency. Be sure that the foundation matches your skin color, so that when you apply the mixture, it will give you the appearance of smooth skin. Stir the mixture well before applying to ensure that the color of the lotion is consistent.  Allow the lotion to dry before dressing so that there is less transfer to any of your clothing. 

Get massages for blood flow

Varicose veins tend to have poorer blood circulation than the rest of the veins in your body. A good way to help get the blood flowing appropriately is to get some massages on the affected area. Massages to help with blood flow which can decrease the deep colored appearance of the veins. Be sure to ask your healthcare performer which types of massages are fine while going through the varicose vein treatments. Take photographs after each massage session to determine how quickly and how much the massages are helping.