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Multigenerational Living: 3 Tips For Moving An Aging Parent Into Your Home

Today, many families are realizing the benefits of moving their aging parent into their home. Not only does a multigenerational household provide wonderful opportunities for bonding, but it will also give you a chance to look after your parent’s needs. Before moving your parent in, however, you should be prepared to make some accommodations based […]

3 Foods That Help Keep You Young

Are you getting older and starting to feel concerned about ageing and its effect on your skin? With a huge range of anti-wrinkle treatments on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Before you start with any of them, you should check whether you’re eating the kind of diet that helps […]

Tips to Soothing Heel Pain At Home

Heel pain, clinically referred to as plantar fasciitis, typically develops when you overuse your Achilles tendon. This disorder may also come about due to drastic weight gain, which will cause undue pressure on your heel. Heel pain can also become exacerbated if you have suffered from previous injuries to your foot or if your feet […]

Tips For Home Carers – Preventing Bedsores Through Correct Skin Care

The provision of professional in-home health care gives many elderly and disabled people the opportunity to continue living in their own homes, rather than moving into residential nursing care.  If you have an elderly relative who lives at home with support from professional caregivers, you may also contribute to your loved-one’s care.  One aspect of […]