Use These Strategies To Avoid Getting An Erection During A Medical Checkup

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Use These Strategies To Avoid Getting An Erection During A Medical Checkup

9 September 2017
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Whether you're 14 or 44, visiting the family doctor for a medical checkup can feel a little intimidating. The most concerning part of the checkup for many men is the point at which it's necessary to remove the underwear in front of the doctor. It's easy to get so worked up about this type of nudity that you get an erection. You've probably had this fear in the days leading up to the appointment, perhaps to the point that you're highly worried about this unfortunate event occurring. You need to remember that if you do get an erection at an inopportune time, it's no big deal — the family doctor has seen everything. Here are some strategies, however, that you can employ to lessen this risk.

Don't Think About It

It can seem like a cruel joke to get an erection when you're been thinking so hard about not getting one. However, what you might not realize is that all the thought about your private parts could actually result in an erection taking place. Do your best to avoid thinking about the situation. The less you fixate on this risk, the less likely it will be to occur.

Find Something To Distract Yourself

Often, you can get nervous about being nude when you're waiting in the examination room for your family doctor to arrive. The more you get nervous, the higher your risk of getting an erection may be. It's a good idea to find something to distract yourself. If the examination room has magazines, flip through a magazine to take your mind off your anxiety. Just be sure that the magazine isn't going to stimulate you — for example, a magazine about golf might be better than a women's fashion magazine. Or, you might alternatively play a game on your smartphone that will captivate your mind and prevent you from thinking about your concern.

Admit That You're Nervous

Sometimes, simply admitting that you're feeling a little nervous about something can cause the tension to escape your body. When your family doctor arrives, there's no harm in saying that you're feeling a little anxious about the checkup. You don't need to indicate exactly why — most family doctors will have a clear idea of what you're going through. This medical professional will then get talking to you about other matters that can serve as a valuable distraction to take your mind off what's been stressing you.