Ways To Alleviate Bloating On Your Own

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Ways To Alleviate Bloating On Your Own

17 October 2017
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Bloating is a highly unpleasant phenomenon that can occur for a long list of reasons. If you're constantly noticing that you're bloated, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment with your family doctor, who can talk to you about some of the potential causes of this issue and help you to move forward. When bloating occurs, you want to ideally take steps to alleviate it on your own. In many cases, the following simple steps can reduce some of your abdominal discomfort and make you feel a little better.

Reduce Pressure From Your Clothing

When you're bloated, the waistband of your clothing adds pressure to an area of your body that is already sore. This can leave you feeling worse than you would otherwise. It's ideal if you can relieve some of this pressure by changing what you're wearing. Obviously, doing so might not be possible if you're at work or elsewhere in public, but if you experience bloating at home, you can change your pants. Put on pants that have a looser waistband or even consider removing your pants. If you're in public and seated, unbuckling your belt subtly can be effective, too.

Try To Pass Gas

Sometimes, passing some gas will help to reduce the bloating in your abdomen, which is often caused by a buildup of gas. There are actually some yoga poses that are associated with passing gas. As long as you're in the privacy of your home, you can try one or more of these poses to see if they help your situation. For example, if you lie on your back, bend your knees to your chest and gently hold the pose, you may notice that you pass some gas. The more gas that leaves your body, the less bloating discomfort you may experience.

Go To The Bathroom

Having a bowel movement can often alleviate bloating quickly. Bloating will often occur if you're constipated. If your stools aren't able to escape your body, they can get backed up and cause bloating in your abdominal region. You may not feel a need to move your bowels, but it's useful to sit on the toilet for a few minutes, do something such as read a book to help you relax, and see if anything happens. You'll commonly notice that if you're able to have a bowel movement, especially if it's a large one, your bloating will subside significantly.