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Recurrent Vaginal Yeast Infections

A while back, I started suffering from recurrent vaginal yeast infections. Whenever I got a yeast infection, my stomach hurt. I also experienced pain during urination. Tired of feeling bad all of the time, I scheduled an appointment with my trusted physician. This medical professional recommended I make some positive lifestyle changes. For instance, my caring doctor told me to begin wearing cotton underwear, drinking lactose free milk, and eating yogurt. My physician also recommended I take a probiotic every day. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most common, effective treatments for chronic medical issues.

Three Reasons To Visit An Orthopedic Surgeon About Your Joint Pain

23 July 2017
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Although it is common for people with joint pain to see a rheumatologist or an osteopathic physician, there are times when you need to visit an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic doctors have a specialty in joint pain that may require surgery. The following are three situations when you should consider making an appointment with one. You had a sports injury Any time you are engaged in a sporting activity and have sustained an injury, you are likely to have pain. Read More …

Sink Your Sciatica So You Can Sing Better: The Connection Between Pain And Poor Singing

29 June 2017
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There is an old adage that says that pain makes for a better artist. Usually, this means emotional pain, not physical pain. However, if you took the saying literally, and you are attempting to make great music through your physical pain, you may be surprised by the results. Having sciatica, for example, will not make you a better singer. In fact, it could make you a worse singer. If you want to be the best musician you can be, here is how to sink your sciatica pain to sing better. Read More …

Are You Losing Your Hearing? What Should You Do?

14 June 2017
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Being able to hear the birds singing among the trees and the sound of your children laughing can add to the quality of the life you live. When you are no longer able to hear or interpret some of the sounds around you, it's easy to get concerned. With the information below, you can get an idea of what is happening with your health and learn how to protect your hearing so that it doesn't become much worse. Read More …

How Ultrasounds Can Help Diagnose Female Problems

6 June 2017
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If you are a woman and are experiencing pain in your lower abdomen and problems with your periods or pain with sexual intercourse, your doctor might recommend getting two types of ultrasounds completed. Both can be done at the same appointment, and you will not need anesthesia for either of them. Here are several things to know about these ultrasounds and what they can reveal. Pelvic Ultrasound The first type of ultrasound you may need to get is called a pelvic ultrasound, and this type is most commonly used with pregnancies. Read More …

Tips For Managing An Ostomy Bag

30 May 2017
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If you've been fitted with an ostomy pouch, you need to understand how to take care of it properly. With any kind of medical equipment like this, proper care is essential for your health and recovery. It's also key to preventing infection and many other complications. Don't let the care process overwhelm you. Here are a few tips that will help you to manage the ostomy pouch care. Empty The Pouch Properly Read More …