Ankle Injuries: What You Need To Know

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Ankle Injuries: What You Need To Know

20 July 2022
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Rolling or turning your ankle can be painful. You may notice some swelling and pain for a period of time but can still walk without too many issues. You might continue to go to work and even do some light exercise. However, not seeking attention to rehabilitate your damaged ankle can cause you problems in the future. The best way to deal with an ankle injury is through physical therapy. Here are some things to think about:

How Do You Get Ankle Injuries?

An ankle injury can happen in a variety of ways. You can bend or stretch the ligaments in the ankle if you fall or step in an odd way that causes you to twist the ankle leading to an ankle sprain. You can also suffer from fractures, arthritis, or tendonitis in the ankles.

Why Should You Seek Attention for Your Ankle Injury?

If you hurt your ankle and do not address it, the strength and support of the ankle can diminish over time. You may find it difficult to place weight on the foot or you may have decreased range of motion. You might even feel pain. Without proper treatment, the ankle will develop scar tissue and cause the joints to become weaker.

When joints get weak and you have scar tissue, you will notice that you experience inflammation on a regular basis. This may never stop happening and only get worse.

When you do not get treatment for an ankle injury, it can impact how you walk and cause more stress on your healthy ankle. Your joints can become unstable and cause issues with supporting your body weight on that side. You could also become more vulnerable to future ankle injuries. Not addressing the ankle injury also can prolong the recovery and prevent the ligaments from healing completely.

What Is the Best Treatment for an Injured Ankle?

After you injure your ankle, you should seek emergency treatment or see your doctor right away, so you know the extent of the injury. You will be advised to rest the ankle, keep it elevated, and apply cold compresses to the area to keep the swelling down. You need to stay off the foot as much as possible, so the ligaments begin to repair themselves. You may need to wear a stability boot or air cast for a period of time to support the ankle. Depending on how damaged the ligaments are, you might need surgery to repair the ankle. Physical therapy is also necessary to help you gain strength, stability, and range of motion.

Talk to your doctor about physical therapy to learn more.