How to Encourage People to Use Hand Sanitizer In Your Factory

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How to Encourage People to Use Hand Sanitizer In Your Factory

14 February 2022
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The regular use of hand sanitizer will help keep your employees safe and healthy. However, you can't just put out bottles or pumps and expect everyone to start using them. This process takes some planning.

What can you do to encourage your employee and visitors to use hand sanitizer on your site?

Tell People What You Want Them to Do

If you don't inform your workforce about a new hand sanitizer policy, then you can't expect everyone to sanitize their hands. Some people might spot bottles and use them; others might not.

So, make sure to tell all your employees that you will be providing hand sanitizer for them to use. Explain why you want them to get into this habit during the working day. Once people appreciate that sanitizing their hands helps keep them and other people safe and healthy, then they'll be more likely to do it.

Work Out Where to Put Hand Sanitizer

You need to assess exactly where you should place your hand sanitizer supplies. Typically, you're looking for high-traffic areas or places where people move from one environment to another.

So, for example, you could put bottles of sanitizer at your entrance and exit doors and in your reception area. People can then sanitize their hands when they enter or leave your building.

You can also place bottles outside individual areas in your facility. For example, you can put bottles outside dining and recreation areas, washrooms, and locker rooms.

Set Up Hand Sanitizer Stations

People will be more likely to use hand sanitizer if they can clearly see it and it is always in the same places. Rather than putting bottles here and there around key areas, it's a better idea to set up hand sanitizer stations.

For example, you can put bottles of sanitizer on small tables or attach them to a wall. It also helps if you use signs to direct people to a station.

You should also ensure that people have access to a constant supply of hand sanitizer. People should also find it easy to use this product fast — look for pump bottles and dispensers rather than ones with lids that take time to open.

Also, small bottles will get used up too quickly. Larger supplies, such as 4-liters industrial hand sanitizer with pump products, are easier to see and use. They also last longer, so you won't have to spend as much time replacing or refilling your supplies. To learn more, contact hand sanitizer suppliers.

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