Undergoing Catastrophic Injury Screenings

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Undergoing Catastrophic Injury Screenings

12 May 2022
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Following an accident, a person may have suffered substantial injuries. Catastrophic injuries can have the potential to cause a person to suffer immense physical pain, financial strain, and a loss in their quality of life. For those that have found themselves victims in these incidents, it may be necessary to work with a catastrophic injury screening provider.

Many Catastrophic Injuries May Not Always Be Visible

It is common for individuals to have the mistaken belief that catastrophic injuries will always be easy to see. In reality, it is common for individuals that have suffered catastrophic injuries to experience joint, nerve, or even muscle damage that may not always be evident. Due to this, these individuals may need to undergo injury screening to determine the full extent of the damage that has occurred to their bodies.

Catastrophic Injury Screening Can Be Essential When Pursuing Legal Action

It is often the case that a victim in a catastrophic injury case will need to pursue legal action against the party responsible. In these cases, it can be necessary to prove that the injuries that the victim suffered are as severe as the victim claims. To this end, an independent catastrophic injury screening can help to verify that the victim's injuries are legitimate. Furthermore, these assessments may help to tie the injuries that were received to the accident that cause them. As a result of the usefulness of these services, this type of screening is often incorporated into legal strategies to help bolster the victim's claims.

Catastrophic Injury Merit Screening Is Often Necessary During The Application Process For Disability Benefit

Those that are victims of catastrophic injuries will often find themselves totally or partially disabled as a result. This can be a devastating experience for these individuals, but there are disability benefits that may help to lessen the financial blow that they have suffered. To receive these benefits, individuals will need to navigate the disability benefits application process. During the course of the process, proof of the disability and injury will be required. Catastrophic injury merit screening can allow individuals to satisfy this requirement. These professionals can verify the injury and perform diagnostics to assess the extent of the disability that the person has suffered. While these assessments may seem unnecessary, this can be a vital step in verifying the authenticity of the claims so that the application for disability benefits may have a greater chance of being approved without needing to go through the lengthy appeal process that is involved with an initial rejection.

For more information, contact a catastrophic injury merit screening service.