3 Reasons To Try High Intensity Interval Training

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3 Reasons To Try High Intensity Interval Training

17 September 2019
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If you are looking to start a weight loss program, then you know that diet and exercise are the keys to success. High intensity interval training is one way you can maximize your workout. This type of exercise regimen for weight loss is effective because it combines periods of high intensity workouts with periods of rest. This alternation is the key to getting the most out of this this type of training. If you are ready to get started on your weight loss goals here are a few thing you should know about high intensity interval training.

Start Slowly and Try Everything

There is a lot involved in this type of exercise regimen, such as cycling, the treadmill, running, and resistance training as part of your workout. You never know how many of these workouts you will be able to fit into your training sessions. However, start slowly and then begin to push. You will find that the more you challenge yourself, the more your body will start responding to the training, so that you get the most out of short spurts where all these activities are done.

Go Close to The Edge

When in comes to high intensity interval training you need to push your body to the edge. The only way to know the right interval for you is to push yourself to the limit and see what will place you at the edge of breaking, in this way you will know how many activities you can pack into a fifteen or twenty minute session. As you continue to exercise with your tailor made workout you will see results.

Take Your Rest Days Seriously

Since high intensity interval training involves doing so many activities in a short space of time it is very taxing on the body. In order to recuperate your body must rest. Try to rest every other day if you can and this will help your body to manage the rigors of constant training. Be consistent about everything, that means workouts should not be missed and rest days should also be a high priority.

High intensity interval training will get you the results you want when it is done consistently and also when done in conjunction with diet and exercise. You can even keep track of your progress and get help for your workout with one of the several apps available for high intensity interval training.