How Botox Minimizes Wrinkles And How The Procedure Works

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How Botox Minimizes Wrinkles And How The Procedure Works

16 March 2019
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Botox injections are a popular cosmetic treatment that can help you feel better about your appearance. If you have wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes that make you self-conscious, then you may be considering having the injections, but you may worry about pain and other unknowns. These injections have a record of being safe when done by a professional and they are easy to undergo. Here's how Botox can help you achieve a younger appearance and what to expect when you get the injections.

How The Injections Help You Look Younger

Wrinkles develop naturally as your skin ages, and one thing that causes wrinkles is repetitive muscle movement under the skin. Since your eyes are expressive and you may squint often, the skin around them can develop lines called crow's feet. Your forehead is another area that develops lines and creases when your brows move due to frowning and other facial movements.

Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that control certain facial movements. This causes the muscles to completely relax so your skin has a smoother appearance. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles so you look younger and the effect also makes you look rested and less stressed.

What Happens When You Get The Injections

Getting the injections is a quick and easy process to go through. You relax comfortably and the skincare professional gives you injections in the areas where you have problems with wrinkles. The needles used are much tinier than needles used for shots, so they don't cause much pain. Plus, you'll probably receive some local anesthetic in the form of a numbing cream so you won't feel the injections. Your treatment is customized to your needs depending on the condition of your skin. The number of injections and their placement varies with each person. There are many muscles in your face and the right ones have to be pinpointed to give you the results you want without affecting muscles that don't need to be treated.

The effects of your treatment won't be apparent right away as it takes a few days for the injected solution to work on your muscles. Within a few days, you should notice a gradual improvement in the appearance of your wrinkles. The effect lasts for several months and then you can have the procedure repeated to keep wrinkles away.

There isn't a recovery period for Botox injections, so you can resume your usual activities after your appointment. However, you may be given instructions to follow that might include not bending over or rubbing the area for several hours. If you think these injections might be for you, talk to a skincare professional who provides Botox facial treatment services to have all of your questions answered so you can feel confident the injections are the right way to reduce your wrinkles.