How A Stay At A Short-Term Nursing Facility Benefits Your Recovery

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How A Stay At A Short-Term Nursing Facility Benefits Your Recovery

16 March 2019
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There are times when a stay in a short-term nursing facility might be necessary for your health, safety, and rehabilitation. Hospitals try to limit your stay as much as possible, and when you're not well enough to go home yet, a nursing facility makes a good place to transition and get the care you need until you're able to go home. Here's why staying in a short-term facility is a good option after an illness or surgery.

You'll Be Cared For By Medical Staff

Your condition may not require hospitalization, but you may still need medical treatments daily such as IV medications or dressing changes. When you're in a short-term nursing facility, you'll still be cared for by medical professionals so you get the treatments you need to help you recover until you can care for yourself at home. Your treatments will be overseen by your doctor and the facility has nurses, nursing assistants, and rehabilitation professionals to provide your care.

You'll Have Access To Therapy

Going to a nursing facility after surgery is a good choice when you need physical therapy. You'll be able to take your therapy in the same facility so it's easy to attend your sessions and have therapy every day. A nursing facility often provides speech therapy for help after a stroke and physical and occupational therapy for help after an illness, injury, or surgery. Having access to therapy can speed your recovery along and get you back in good shape so you're safer when you get to go back home and resume your usual activities.

You'll Have Help With Daily Activities

Depending on your condition, you may need assistance with meals, showering, changing clothes, and getting out of bed in the mornings. When you're in a nursing facility, you have all the help you need with daily activities. This keeps you safer than you would be at home with a family member or by yourself. Your meals are provided and you don't have to worry about cleaning your room or doing anything other than focus on your recovery. You may feel safer and have peace of mind knowing someone is available around the clock if you need help going to the bathroom or if you just don't want to be alone when you're not functioning at full capacity.

The goal of a stay in a short-term nursing facility is to get you home as quickly as possible. Your length of stay depends on how quickly you build your strength and how fast you recover. Your physical therapist, nurses, and doctor all have input on when you're ready to go home since your care will be managed by a team with the goal to help you become independent again.