3 Things PRP Can Be Used For

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3 Things PRP Can Be Used For

29 November 2018
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If there is one thing for you to know about as far as trends to in the health and medical field, it' platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma, or PRP is used both to help with medical and cosmetic concerns. But what is PRP, and what are some things that it can be used for? To help you answer both of these questions, this article will delve a little bit deeper. 

What Is PRP?

Your blood is filled with different minerals and components including plasma. The plasma in your blood is filled with unique proteins that help with stem cell growth. When the blood is medically extracted from your body and then the plasma is filtered out, it can be used to help people with joint, ligament, and musculoskeletal problems. How exactly? The proteins in platelet rich plasma help with stem cell growth, which means that it can basically do wonders for people who have torn ligaments, torn muscles, weak muscles, or cosmetic issues. 

Ligament and Muscle Issues

One of the first things that PRP was used for was ligament and muscle issues. In patients who had been extremely injured or patients who were born with birth defects, doctors discovered that PRP could be used to help them. With platelet rich plasma injection therapy in the areas that were the most effected, patients saw real-life results. 


If you are a male or female who has started to lose the hair on top of your head, then you may be wondering how on earth you'll ever get it back. When you take platelet rich plasma and inject it directly into the scalp, it can help grow new hair follicles and leave you with naturally thicker hair on top of your head. 


Another thing that platelet rich plasma can be used for is collagen induction. If you have noticed that you no longer have collagen in your skin, then platelet rich plasma may be able to help. By simply injecting it directly into your skin, you tend to see more volume in your skin and fewer fine lines and wrinkles. 

As you can see, platelet rich plasma injection services can be used to help patients with a wide array of medical and cosmetic issues. To learn more about what else platelet rich plasma can do for you and your health, schedule an appointment with your doctor today to go over this options.