3 Reasons To Choose A Facelift Over Facelift Tape

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3 Reasons To Choose A Facelift Over Facelift Tape

24 May 2018
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If you're looking for a face that looks tighter and more youthful, a friend around the same age may advocate the use of facelift tape. She may reveal that she uses facelift tape — tape that pulls the skin taught and hides under your hair — to enjoy more of a youthful appearance, and this can make this product seem enticing to you. If you're thinking about experimenting with facelift tape, you should definitely visit a cosmetic surgery clinic to learn more about an actual facelift procedure. Here are three reasons that a real facelift is better than using facelift tape.

1. It Can Save You Embarrassment

Proper use of facelift tape and the correct hairstyle can keep the ends of the tape out of sight — until there's a gust of wind, you absentmindedly brush your hair away from your face, or any number of other issues occur. While you might like the idea of your facelift tape tightening your face's skin, you'll probably feel an extreme sense of embarrassment if the tape is exposed to others. This may be highly embarrassing at work, while dating, or in a long list of other circumstances. A favorable thing about a real facelift is when you get it, there won't be any evidence in the form of tape that can embarrass you.

2. You Don't Have To Deal With Discomfort 

There's little question that wearing facelift tape isn't very comfortable. Just imagine pulling on your skin to tighten it, and then keeping that pressure on for perhaps several hours at a time. While you may experience some discomfort immediately after a facelift procedure, the normal recovery time is short — and, after which, you won't have any discomfort. This means that you'll be able to circumvent the discomfort of having sticky tape pulling at the skin on your face.

3. You Won't Have Daily Upkeep

When you get a facelift, the tightness of your face is the same whether you've just gotten out of bed or have spent an hour in the bathroom preparing to go out. Those who use facelift tape must devote a significant amount of time to adjusting their appearance in this manner. A facelift tape user may find that she wastes valuable time each morning getting her face just right; over the course of a year, this time investment can be major. A real facelift helps you to avoid all of this daily preparation and upkeep.