Helping A Loved One Be Safe And Happy When They Have Mobility Difficulties

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Helping A Loved One Be Safe And Happy When They Have Mobility Difficulties

21 January 2016
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If a loved one in your household is no longer able to get around the way they used to, then it's time for you to make some changes around your house to ensure their safety. You'll also want to know that they are able to maintain a good level of comfort and freedom so they don't feel as bad about their situation. The advice here will help you to create a living space they feel good in and are safe in.

Consider a stair lift for two story homes

If you have a two story home and your loved one would like to access the upstairs, then a stair lift can make this both safe and possible. With a stair lift, they can sit in the seat at one end of the stairs and gently be taken to the other end. If they walk with the use of a walker, then you should make sure one is kept at both ends of the stairs at all times.

Install grab bars around the house

Watch your loved ones movement through the house for a few days and pay attention to areas where they struggle to get up or maneuver around. You should have grab bars installed to the walls in these areas. This way, they can use them to keep their balance and get around that space safely.

Put ramps at entrances

Even if your loved one doesn't use a wheel chair, you can make it safer for them to come and go by covering the outside steps with a sloped ramp. This will make it easier for them to get up and down the stairs without risking a fall.

Get a shower chair for stand-up showers

If your family member uses the stand-up showers, there is always an added risk of them slipping and injuring themselves. Getting a shower chair for that shower will decrease the chances of injury.

Hire personal care services

When you hire personal care services, someone will come out to the home and help your loved one with any chores they now have a hard time doing. A few examples of the ways they can help include cooking meals, assistance with bathing, assistance with dressing and other personal hygiene needs like shaving and doing their hair, driving them to their doctor appointments, keeping their living quarters clean and more.

By making some of these changes around your home, you will be helping your loved one be safer and give them back their sense of freedom by making it easier for them to continue getting around the house without injury.

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