5 Ways To Protect Your Ears

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5 Ways To Protect Your Ears

1 January 2016
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It may be normal to experience a little hearing loss as you get older, but that does not mean you should not start protecting your hearing right now. If you limit noise as much as possible and avoid bad habits, you can keep your hearing in good shape. Here are five effective ways to protect your ears:

Protect Your Hearing from Loud Noises

Although it is best to stay away from loud noises altogether, it is not always possible. If you do have to be around loud noise for several hours a day, you should at least protect your hearing. For example, if you work at a loud factory, you could put earplugs in your ears. They will reduce the amount of noise you hear and prevent damage to your hearing.

Be Careful When Removing Earwax

Wax in your ears can definitely be annoying, but you have to be careful when removing it. If you attempt to clean your ears with a cotton swab, for example, you can actually hurt them. It is safer to remove earwax with an at-home irrigation kit.

Say No to Smoking

If you smoke tobacco, you are more likely to experience hearing problems in the future. According to Healthy Hearing, all of the chemicals in cigarettes can tighten the blood vessels in your ears, preventing them from getting the right nutrients.

Avoid Listening to Music Too Loudly

One of the simplest ways to prevent hearing damage is to lower the volume on your music. If you are listening to the radio so loudly that others have to shout to get your attention, it can harm your hearing. The next time you are listening to your favorite jams, be mindful of how loud the volume is.

Look At Your Medications

The medication you take could have a negative effect on your hearing later on. For example, taking too much aspirin can lead to hearing damage. If you are concerned that the medication you take is harming your ears, you should make an appointment with your doctor to find out about other options.

You will be a lot less likely to deal with hearing loss if you follow these helpful tips. However, even if your hearing seems perfectly normal, you should still see a hearing doctor once a year for a checkup. He or she will thoroughly examine your ears and look for signs of hearing loss. Visit http://www.drmarkmontgomery.com for more information.