Why You Should See A Physical Therapist For Sports Related Knee Injuries

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Why You Should See A Physical Therapist For Sports Related Knee Injuries

20 October 2015
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Knee injuries can occur for any number of reasons. When you're active or playing sports, you put all kinds of stresses on your knees. A sports related knee injury can come about quickly or over time. Seeing a physical therapist is essential for those who play sports regularly or seriously.

Do You Know Anything about Your Knees?

A knee isn't a part of your body to take lightly. It's the largest joint in your body and directly responsible for a lot of your mobility. As a joint, it consists of various parts, any of which can fall victim to damage. Your knee consists of the following:

  • Bone
  • Tendons
  • Cartilage
  • Ligaments

There are various named injuries that can happen to any one of these things. Sometimes, damage to one will often cause damage to another if you don't have treatment. This damage can manifest itself in various ways.

  • Fractures and dislocation
  • Torn ligaments (ACL tears)
  • Torn tendons and meniscus

Often, you're only one hard step or bad pivot away from any of these things happening. Hard use can also turn into inflammation and swelling of the soft tissue.

What You Should Do About Knee Injury and Pain

If you experience any pain in your knee, you should see your doctor. Understand that with so many possible problems, you should never assume you know what's going on. Have a professional take a look and let you know. In addition, don't let the pain go on day after day before you see someone.

If the knee pain occurs during your game, you should stop and take a rest with your knee raised. Place some ice on it. You may want to wrap it in an elastic bandage as well. However, do not assume that's enough. See a doctor as soon as possible.

The Role of the Physical Therapist

Your doctor will likely refer you to a physical therapist. But you don't need a referral to see a physical therapist. You can definitely practice proactivity and see one on your own. Let them know that you play sports regularly.

A physical therapist can show you which exercises you need to keep your body fit for sport. For example, they may suggest stretching and exercises to keep you limber between games. These exercises can help you reverse some of the stresses you put on your knees.

Remember that physical therapy services are about prevention as much as they're about rehabilitation. If you engage in sports regularly, speak to a physical therapist before you start developing pains. Contact a company like Bonita Community Health Center for more information.