Tips On Staying Active During Pregnancy

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Tips On Staying Active During Pregnancy

7 October 2015
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There are many benefits to staying active during your pregnancy. For instance, it can help to alleviate some of the aches that come with body changes during pregnancy. Exercising throughout your pregnancy will also help you to balance your weight and regain your stamina more quickly after the pregnancy. 

Many moms-to-be are concerned about how to exercise without putting too much stress on their bodies and their growing babies. Fortunately, exercising while pregnant can be made simpler with these tips. 

Aerobic vs Strength

While you're pregnant, you won't want to risk straining a muscle and throwing your body's support system out of whack. Avoid the strain of strength training and opt for light aerobic exercise instead. Try to get your heart rate up for a few hours per week by walking or lightly jogging. 

If you do want to continue strength training, you'll need to adjust the weights; do more repetitions with a lighter weight than you're used to to be on the safe side. A good stretching routine is critical for strength training during pregnancy, so that you keep your muscle tone even. 

Listen to Your Body

The fatigue and nausea of pregnancy can easily get in the way of a great exercise routine. But if your body is objecting to exercise, it's best not to push through it. Lighten the intensity of your exercise and the strain on your body. You may want to try lower impact exercises, such as swimming or walking. 

Wear Layers

Your body temperatures can fluctuate during pregnancy, so it's important to have many layers available if you're exercising outside. Start with a thin, wicking layer as your base layer and then add thin shells that you can easily pull off. Some running and outdoor jackets fold into themselves, so that you can wrap them and put them in your pocket if you no longer need the extra layers. 

Monitor Your Risk

While exercising can be safe for you and your baby, there are certain activities to avoid completely while exercising. Avoid any activities that involve lying on your stomach, or where there's a risk of falling and landing on your stomach. Any activities where you could get hit in the stomach are also off the table. 

Whether you can exercise as a mom-to-be will depend on your energy levels and comfort. The steps above can help you exercise in a safe way while monitoring your body's needs. For more information about exercise and pregnancy, contact a clinic like Mile High OB GYN.