Why You Should See A Hearing Doctor Now

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Why You Should See A Hearing Doctor Now

30 March 2015
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There has never been a better time to to visit a hearing doctor. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America about 20 percent of adults report experiencing some degree of hearing loss - that's over 48 million people. Even some superheroes are plagued by hearing issues. Hawkeye, the bow-and-arrow wielding Avenger who works along side Captain America and Thor, has always had hearing trouble and even uses hearing aids in most of his comic arcs:

Why visit a hearing doctor?

The short answer? They can help!

People everywhere, even superheroes, are suffering from hearing problems and hearing doctors are the best solution, and greatest help for those who are. There are two types of hearing doctors however, and people may wonder which they should visit to address their hearing issues.

Audiologist v. ENT

The two types of hearing doctors are Audiologists and ENTs. ENTs are doctors who's speciality is diagnosing and then treating ear, nose, and throat issues. Audiologists, while focusing simply on hearing and balance issues relating specifically to the ear, actually are a little broader when examining patients.

They too look for causes and treatments for hearing loss, and if further examination or treatment is necessary will typically recommend patent get treatment or surgery from an ENT after their examination.

Patients who are experiencing hearing difficulties should usually visit an audiologist first. A audiologist will determine the scope of the hearing loss and try to identify the cause. If the cause warrants further investigation, or a serious treatment, even surgery they will then recommend the patient visit and talk to an ENT.

Audiologists: Who You Should Visit First

When one visits and audiologist the first thing a hearing doctor will do will be administer a hearing test. After the rest is taken, the trained professional will analyze the result deciding what further actions should be taken.

Audiologists are also who you should talk to if you want to buy a hearing aid, or believe that one would make your life better. More often than not a hearing aid will increase ones comfort and lifestyle tremendously.

Plus if you get a hearing aid you can be fitted up just like Hawkeye. If there are surgical, or medical issues that need to be addressed that's when one visits and ENT for a more rigorous treatment and diagnosis than one would receive from an audiologist. Which one someone should visit depends entirely on their situation.

You should visit a hearing doctor as soon as possible. Modern medicine has afforded millions the chance to hold onto and better their damaged or lost hearing. To learn more, contact a company like Hearing Professionals with any questions you have.