When Do You Need Orthopedic Surgery?

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When Do You Need Orthopedic Surgery?

2 March 2015
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If you are being treated by an orthopedic specialist because you suffer from a congenital condition, bone tumor, arthritis, osteoporosis, or a sports injury, you might start to wonder when surgery is going to be discussed. While it is true that not all medical problems treat by an orthopedic professional will lead to an operation, some will. Take a moment to reflect on the following signs that you might be well on your way to talking to an orthopedic surgeon so that your problems can finally be resolved.

Joint Pain Increases During Times of Rest

Generally, people will find that resting will allow their joints a little time to rest without pain or discomfort. However, should you find that the opposite is true for you, you might need to consult a surgeon. It is not normal to have an increased amount of pain when you are trying to allow your body to rest.

Long-lasting Muscle, Bone & Joint Pain

You should be able to find a little relief with the amount of pain that you are suffering from. Therefore, if you are finding that the pain you are experiencing is long lasting and possibly getting worse by the day, you need to realize that it is time to seek out additional help. After all, you shouldn't have to end up in more pain that you are already in.

Decreased Range of Motion

If you have started to notice that you are no longer able to easily straighten you back, move your arms, or stretch your legs the same as you were able to not too long ago, you might be in need of an orthopedic surgeon. You do not want your limited range of motion to continue to get worse. Before you know it, you might not be able to move around at all.

Infection Symptoms

Internal infections can cause a lot of problems that would be better avoided. Therefore, if you are starting to notice a lot of signs of infection, such as swelling, redness, fever, or hot spots on your body, you will need to consult your orthopedic doctor about the possibly of needing to talk to a surgeon. Not only does the infection need to be cleared, but the problem that is causing the infection needs to be addressed.

So, if you happen to find that you fit into any of the previous mentioned categories of problems, you might need a consultation with a skilled and trusted orthopedic surgeon such as Ascar Egtedar, MD.