Private Clinics: 2 Benefits They Provide That You Won't Find Elsewhere

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Private Clinics: 2 Benefits They Provide That You Won't Find Elsewhere

10 February 2015
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While large hospitals and hundred thousand square-foot medical facilities often have the most up-to-date equipment and technological innovations in medicine, they are often lacking in what patients value above all else: someone that will genuinely listen to their concerns and put them at ease. Although not all such hospitals are bereft of empathetic physicians, the only place patients can generally find that degree of care and understanding is at small, family-run clinics. And that isn't the only thing you'll find at such facilities. This article outlines two things that smaller, privately run clinics offer that you just won't find in more commercialized facilities.

A Primary-Care Doctor You Can Count On

Something you're sure to struggle with when it comes to larger medical facilities, those with shareholders to reward and profit margins to maintain, is a regular,  primary-care physician. This is because the primary-care position has gone by the wayside in favor of specialization and a more niche expertise. What this ultimately amounts to is patients being redirected to specialist after specialist whenever they mention medical issues that are beyond their current physician's scope of expertise. 

There is no doubt that specialists play an important role in medicine, but often times people just need a primary-care doctor that they can talk to about everything, from the sniffles to more personal and intimate issues. When patients are bounced around from one doctor to the next it can feel like 'the system' doesn't really care about your health, only about the size of your checkbook. You can read this article and hear it straight from a physician who understands the importance of establishing long-term relationships with patients.  

Straightforward Answers To Your Questions 

At larger healthcare facilities, many physicians, whether because it was how they were trained to work in medicine or because they are simply more business-oriented than physicians in private practices, can be curt, unapologetic, and use way too much jargon when conversing with patients. 

Conversely, many physicians who work at smaller clinics or open their own practice do so because they want to change how doctors interact with patients. This includes things like improving doctor-patient communication, which in many cases is just a matter of taking the time to explain exactly what a particular medication or operation entails, or simply reassuring a patient who is anxious about pending medical tests or blood work. 

There are actually a large number of benefits afforded to those who have the opportunity to visit family-run health clinics on a regular basis, but the ability to see a primary-care doctor each and every visit, rather than being bounced around between different specialists, is one of the biggest. And simply being able to discuss medical issues in a comfortable atmosphere, without the impersonal jargon, is something that all patients desire but only those who visit smaller clinics generally enjoy. To learn more, contact a company like Entira Family Clinics with any questions you have.