3 Reasons To Pre-Arrange Your Own Funeral

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3 Reasons To Pre-Arrange Your Own Funeral

22 January 2015
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If you've ever been in the unfortunate situation of helping to plan someone's funeral, you likely know the frustration of having to focus on details in the depths of grief. That's a scenario that's best avoided. Here are three reasons that you should consider planning your own funeral. While you're at it, you may choose to add a bit of fun or tasteful humor to help uplift the spirits of people who will be missing you.

Peace of Mind

Planning your own funeral will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your final business is in order. Also, it will provide comfort to loved ones that you may someday leave behind. Because they won't have to wonder what your preferences would have been, you may lessen potential guilt and worry. Attending a service that you planned yourself may be especially healing for your relatives.

Significant Savings

It's possible to save a great deal of money by planning your funeral in advance. Not only can you fight inflation if you also opt to pay for it in advance, but you can also save money by making choices that loved ones may hesitate to make. For example, if an expensive casket isn't important to you, you may opt for a cheaper one.

You can leave specific instructions on floral arrangements and whether you'd perhaps like people to donate to a cause that's dear to your heart rather than sending flowers. No matter what choices you make, there are dozens of ways that you can save money with advance planning.

Your Voice Will Be Heard

Some people despair over not being sure whether a loved one would have wanted to be remembered in a certain way at a memorial service. When you plan your own funeral, you can pick the songs that you want played to help people best remember you, and you can even make sure that certain verses are read. Also, it's a way to have the last word about your own life and help shape your own legacy.

Finally, try to plan your own funeral as soon as finances allow you to do so. A funeral home director, such as Ryan-Parke Funeral Home, may have a variety of payment plans to put it within your reach no matter what your current budget is, and having your funeral already planned can help you get it off your mind so that you don't have to consider it further.