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Recurrent Vaginal Yeast Infections

A while back, I started suffering from recurrent vaginal yeast infections. Whenever I got a yeast infection, my stomach hurt. I also experienced pain during urination. Tired of feeling bad all of the time, I scheduled an appointment with my trusted physician. This medical professional recommended I make some positive lifestyle changes. For instance, my caring doctor told me to begin wearing cotton underwear, drinking lactose free milk, and eating yogurt. My physician also recommended I take a probiotic every day. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most common, effective treatments for chronic medical issues.

How Compounding Pharmacies Can Help Those With AIDS

28 January 2021
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AIDS is still one of the most serious health dangers in the world but has become much more easier to handle thanks to high-quality drug treatments. These care options provide comfort for a person and help elongate their life long past what many experienced with this disease before treatment was created. However, allergies may complicate recovery, which is why it is beneficial to use a compounding pharmacy. Drug Allergies May Complicate AIDS Treatment Read More …

When Should You See An Ophthalmologist Rather Than An Optometrist?

22 December 2020
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When people use the term "eye doctor," they can actually be referring to two different kinds of professionals. There are optometrists, who conduct basic eye exams, assess visual acuity, and prescribe glasses and contacts. Then, there are ophthalmologists, who are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of complex eye disorders, and some of whom perform eye surgery. Most people can see either type of doctor for their normal, annual eye exams, but what are some signs you definitely need to see an ophthalmologist? Read More …

Second Opinions Are Smart And Necessary For Doubtful Patients

19 November 2020
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There are many reasons a person might experience belly pain, and they range from the harmless, like overindulgence, to the more serious, like inflammatory bowel diseases. This often makes it difficult and time-consuming for a doctor to determine the cause. After all the testing, a patient may still feel something if off with the doctor's diagnosis. And it's okay to have doubts, but what can a patient do? The answer is to get a second opinion. Read More …

Are Dental Implants Painful?

23 October 2020
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People do not like going to the dentist for a variety of reasons. One popular fear many share is being afraid that a dental procedure may be painful. This is especially true for those considering dental implants. While some degree of pain should be expected with any complex medical procedure, technology in the medical field has improved. Dental technology has also enjoyed improvements for both patients and dentists. While all patients react differently, these technologies have helped reduce the amount of pain. Read More …

How A Prostate Doctor Helps Aging Men With Growing Prostates

22 September 2020
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The prostate gland is a very important part of the male body and is something that needs to be kept in good health. However, as men age, many experiences an extra-sized or enlarged prostate gland that may be painful in some situations. Thankfully, prostate doctors can help manage this problem for them. Extra-Sized Prostate Glands are Very Uncomfortable Extra-sized prostate glands occur in many men as they age and have a variety of different causes. Read More …