How A Prostate Doctor Helps Aging Men With Growing Prostates

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How A Prostate Doctor Helps Aging Men With Growing Prostates

22 September 2020
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The prostate gland is a very important part of the male body and is something that needs to be kept in good health. However, as men age, many experiences an extra-sized or enlarged prostate gland that may be painful in some situations. Thankfully, prostate doctors can help manage this problem for them.

Extra-Sized Prostate Glands are Very Uncomfortable

Extra-sized prostate glands occur in many men as they age and have a variety of different causes. In some situations, enlarged prostate glands are just a part of aging for some men – they typically don't start developing regularly in most men until they reach the age of 50-60. At this point, nearly half of all men have an enlarged prostate – a problem that may require treatment in many.

That's because an enlarged prostate may impact areas of the body and damage them, such as various internal organs, the urethra, and other areas that must be carefully protected to avoid damage. Unfortunately, this issue only worsens as a man ages and their prostate expands, making it necessary to reach out to a professional who can easily handle this situation with no difficulties.

How a Prostate Doctor Can Help

Those who develop an enlarged prostate may want to talk to a prostate doctor to handle this troubling situation. These doctors can provide treatments that help to manage this situation. For example, there are some medications that can decrease the size of the prostate and make it healthier. These medications often require regular dosages and may be taken for the rest of a man's life.

However, there may also may need to be some surgical changes necessary to keep the prostate healthy and strong. These changes include removing extra tissue from the prostate and trying to reposition it in the body. Though not invasive, these processes may take a man out of commission for a while and usually require a week or more or recovery time after they are finished properly.

If an enlarged prostate has caused any other issues with a man's health, such as damage to their urethra, it may be necessary to get a prostate doctor to repair these areas. These experts fully understand all of these important surgical steps and will do what is necessary to ensure that those with them don't suffer needlessly as a result. In some cases, it may even help men spot early warning signs of prostate cancer, though an enlarged prostate does not trigger cancer.

For more information about a prostate doctor, contact a local practice.