Is In-Home Healthcare The Right Choice For Your Parent?

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Is In-Home Healthcare The Right Choice For Your Parent?

6 August 2017
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Aging comes with many challenges. As the child of an aging parent, it often falls on your shoulders to begin making decisions for their well-being. One decision you may need to make is to hire in home care services to help your parent with daily tasks. The following list can help you decide if this is the right decision for your family.

Can your parent still enjoy a partially independent lifestyle?

In-home healthcare is best for those that are still able to have a fulfilling life at home, whether that is engaging in certain hobbies, visiting with friends and family, or otherwise enjoying the comforts of home. If home has become a prison for your parent, a place where they are often alone but not able to properly care for themselves, then moving to a retirement or nursing facility may be a better option.

Are there healthcare needs your parent can't attend to?

One thing that hinders independence for some aging people is health needs they can't handle themselves. This could be the need for physical therapy, help after a surgery, daily medication, or care procedures they can't do for themselves. In this case, skilled in-home care for a few hours each day can help out with these medical needs without impeding your parent's independence.

Have some basic tasks become too much?

Often, a parent can almost, but not quite, care for themselves at home. For example, they may not be eating well because meal prep has become too difficult, or perhaps arthritis pain makes it too hard to fold the laundry. In this case, an in-home care provider that helps with basic home tasks may be all you need to keep your parent at home where they are most happy.

Is your parent dealing with decreased mobility?

Perhaps the main issue is mobility. Being confined to a wheelchair or being unable to walk without assistance can make certain tasks difficult or impossible. If your parent simply needs some care to help them in the event of a fall or to drive them to their doctor's appointments, then in-home care may be sufficient. This is especially true if they are able to enjoy their independence with just a small helping hand.

For more help, contact an in-home healthcare provider in your area. They can help you determine which services would be most suitable for your parent's unique needs and health condition.