Ace Your Volleyball Recovery To Get Back On The Court

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Ace Your Volleyball Recovery To Get Back On The Court

5 August 2015
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Volleyball is a growing sport, but is not injury proof. Players most commonly injure their fingers and wrists, and strain the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder. Recovering from these injuries often take guidance from a doctor that specializes in sports medicine. Here are some of the exercises your doctor may recommend to help you recover and get back on the court.

Finger & Wrist Recovery

To strengthen the finger and hand muscles, the doctor will have you place a rubber band around your fingers and your thumb. Your goal is to spread your fingers out as far as you can, hold it for a beat and then release. Repeat this movement for up to two minutes at a time. This can be modified so that the rubber band is only between the pointer finger and the thumb.

If you broke some bones in your fingers or hands, then your doctor will have you use putty to strengthen the small muscles in the hand after the bones have set. First, you simply squeeze the putty to improve and build up your grip strength. Second, hold half of the putty in one hand while the other hand twists the putty. This especially helps with wrist extension. The third exercise to use with putty is to grip the putty in both hands in front of you. Pull the putty apart (sort of like you are folding it in half) by putting your wrists and knuckles together. Then fold the putty and start again.

Shoulder Recovery

Volleyball players need full movement in their shoulder so they can serve, block, and spike the ball with ease. An injury can threaten that, so rehabilitation is necessary. To improve coordination, muscle control, endurance and shoulder stability do a hand walk on a wheeled stool.

This is done by positioning your thighs on the seat of a stool with castors (wheels). Your torso is off the stool and you are holding your body up with your hands. Start at a slow speed and walk your hands forward. This will move your body and the stool behind you. After you go ten paces, use your shoulders to turn your body around and go back the other way.

Ball catches improve the scapular stabilizers. Get on your hands and knees. Your sports medicine doctor will throw a light medicine ball (2 or 4 pounds) towards one of your hands. Catch the ball with one hand, palm up. Throw the ball back to the doctor in an underhand movement.

There are many other exercises that your doctor may prescribe for your rehabilitation from the sports injury. Follow his advice and you should be able to get back on the court where you can serve an ace again. 

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